The Perfect Fit

Just like a great fitting bra, good writing is not a one-size/method/process that fits all.  Each body shape and each author’s process are different as snowflakes.

The tape measure is an honest, non-judgmental metric.  In writing, our metric is the ability to take a concept and flesh it out to something we can work with.

The tape measure is honest and non-judgmental providing a guide to fit and comfort. We need the same understanding of our limits and needs as we start any writing project.  Having defined parameters give a certain freedom in the creative process.

The style of undergarment – provocative, practical or something in between.  As an author, I have to find my style and be true to it. I might be writing the literary equivalent of corset and thigh-highs, but my voice will always come through.

Attention to details and fit are all important.  A properly fitted bra will provide support, definition, and a sense of empowerment. A well executed story will provide a deep satisfaction.



  • A very practical metaphore for our very different styles of writing!

    • Thanks! Practical experience. 🙂

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