Writer’s Emergency Hope Kit

Jan O’Hara from Writer Unboxed posted this 8/20/12.

Much like an emergency preparedness kit, designed to help us get through disasters,  writers need to have something that helps us remember why we write.  The Writer’s Emergency Hope Kit (WEHK) is a stellar idea.  It is guaranteed to get us through the self-inflicted maelstrom of negativity.

Contents of a Writer’s Emergency Hope Kit

1. An “accolades and compliments” file

2. Links to particularly inspiring blog posts, books, Youtube clips, quotes, photos, lists of movies, even foods that when eaten make you feel abundant.

3. A list of what’s worked in the past—aka things to try first.

4. Role models who embody or invite hope.

5. List the times you anticipated disaster and it turned out better than expected. Include incidents in your larger life and ones particular to writing.

6. Lastly, if you’ve experienced outright failures or disasters, and you can’t really see them as otherwise—yet—make a list of the positives which emerged in the aftermath.

(take a moment to read then entire post)

We create and perfect our writing then send it out into the world for others to enjoy, evaluate, and talk about.  Hope is what keeps us moving forward.

If you have a WEHK, what do you have in it?  If you don’t, what would be your essential items?



  • Excellent notion. I should put one of those together immediately. Thanks!

    • Anytime my friend! 🙂

  • I agree – a great idea. Good to be prepared when writing emergencies strike!

    • 🙂 WEHK’s are now listed as essential in my book.

  • I need one of these!

    • I’m building mine. 🙂

  • Love this! We all need a little bit of hope (especially in the wake of rejection!)

    • Amen sistah! These are so exciting because they are tailored so specifically to us. Nothing generic.

  • This is brilliant – I have tweeted this.

    • Thank you! I’ve been on a small hiatus and will be back to posting on Tuesday.

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