by Debbie Reber (www.debbiereder.com)

Lately, my focus has been less than stellar.  Things I need to get done are sidelined by those ‘SQUIRREL/OOOO SHINY’ moments.

I think I’m back to setting up my daily guilt board so that I can scratch things off as I accomplish them.  If I don’t complete the tasks? I’ll being staring at them until I do!



  • Good luck Leila. It can be so hard for us to regain our focus when we get sidetracked. We all have our own way of staying on track, but I’ve found that keeping myself accountable through near-daily blog entries has helped me. I post even if I don’t have anything to say other than “I wrote ### words today.”

    • Just five minutes on whatever project I’m working on helps. I just have to stitch those five minutes together. 🙂

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