Life is What Happens

…when you’re making other plans.

I had big plans for last week.  Lots of editing,  writing,  and reading.

A person/car interaction involving my mother left me scrambling to reassess everything. Walking through the parking lot, after leaving the gym,  a car backed out of its spot knocking my mother to the ground.

Now my mother is spry, but not a young chicken by any stretch of the imagination. At 71 its fair to say things could have been worse. I rushed to meet her at the ER,  making poor phone and driving decisions on the way. The deities who bless fools kept me from adding to the family trauma.

Calling my sister, we activated the sibling calling tree.  Between my texts and emails, I chronicled the entire event.

No broken bones only some soft tissue damage that will have to play out overtime.  Mom is probing her limitations with hits and misses. The next couple of days will reveal any issues. She had a full agenda set for the weekend this has been an ‘inconvenience’.

My mother and I are cut from the same cloth. While things might slow us down, it doesn’t keep us out of the race.  We suck it up, reevaluate the current goal, and execute the modified plan while the gods, little and big, laugh their collective behinds off.

The lesson taken from this experience are 1) be flexible 2) let things happen 3) be grateful for everything.

I have plenty of time to write and only one mother.  I thank God she’s okay.



  • so happy it wasn’t worse… and it very well could have been!! AND thank the deities for watching over you (especially when you are being foolish!!)

  • Glad to hear it wasn’t worse. I swear so many drivers in parking lots assume no one else is (or should be) moving but them!

  • Continued good thoughts for your mom. I’m one of those “don’t have time for illness or injury” types. I make a horrendous patient and typically am trying to do things before I should so I can totally relate.

    • 🙂 I can completely relate. She’s putting along.

  • Great it wasn’t worse 🙂 I hope she’s up and about complaining about the inconvenience soon!

    • Thanks!

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