Encounters of the Electronic Kind

I didn’t have my first personal email address until the ripe age of 27.  Not because I was technophobic, it wasn’t around email wasn’t available to the masses until roughly 1993.  Yes, I suffered through AOL, Earthlink and MSN until I settled in my happy place with Google’s Gmail.  Social media as we know it didn’t exist.  Geo-cites was the home of the embryonic stages of blogging and people were just figuring out that ALL CAPS were an etiquette breach.  The internet was (and is) a wild and woolly place to be. Like in real-life there was the good, the bad, the middle and the ugly.

Even though I’ve tended to be an early adopter of technology the infancy stage of  social media turned me off.  The lack of privacy bothered me.

Fast forward to today and I’m a social butterfly.  I have active Facebook and Google+ accounts, a blog that I love writing, and Twitter and I are coming to a mutual arrangement. I know I can and will stand by anything I post in any forum.  I’ve developed a fearlessness that is exhibited in all aspects of my life.

Social media simply enhances my existing relationships and let me develop new ones.



  • I don’t even know what Google+ does!

    • It’s like facebook with more functionality. I actually prefer Google+, but I still have a ton of contacts (friends and family) that are using facebook. So I use both. 🙂

      • I wish my friends and family would stop using Facebook. It kind of annoys me because no one sees all of your posts because of the new software thingy they’re using.
        I’m thinking about getting a Google+ instead.

        • I love Google+ but I have friends and family who aren’t really willing to switch. To me using both isn’t a big deal I get two avenues to connect with people. So it’s all good. 🙂

  • I started doing the whole email thing a little earlier than that. In the late eighties I was running around on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and they had a very primitive email functionality. By 1990 I was emailing through a program called PINE that used a DOS interface. It really *has* come a long way from those days.

    • I remember DOS, I hated DOS. sigh

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