Elementary, My Dear Reader

My elementary school librarian, Mrs. Ponce, was a remarkable woman.  In second grade, she seemed to be so old yet I look back and realize she was my current age (no, I won’t tell). I was reading well above my grade level in second grade. While other teachers always led me back to books that were appropriate for my age. Mrs. Ponce recognized I was chomping at the bit for more.  

Nancy Drew?  done

The Hardy Boys? ha

C.S. Lewis?  that was more like it

Christopher White? getting there

Heinlein?  oh yeah

Like a yummy, decadent soft serve ice cream cone from Jimmie Cone (best soft serve ice cream ever) I devoured books.  Then Ms. Ponce led me to non-fiction. She showed me where to find the fact behind the fiction.  Allowing me to expand my world even farther. Without limiting my interests, she taught me how to appreciate the structure of a good story. The library was heaven.

I’ve read thousands of books spanning the serious to sublime. When I couldn’t find a story to satiate my appetite? I started telling my own, learning from authors old and new.

The most valuable life skill  is to share is the simple pleasure of unleashing the imagination.

Read on my friends.

Discover the world and make some history while you’re at it.



  • And what about Ruald Dahl?

    • Definitely included in the piles of books provided. We terrified the book mobile lady during the summer as we wiped out her inventory in one fell swoop (30 books) every two weeks.

  • Right ON! 🙂

  • How can we ever repay those who inspired our love for reading?! 🙂

    • We pay it forward to continue their legacy.

  • When I was younger I used to go to my local library every Saturday and check out eight books (the maximum.) I’d devour them in a week and then go back for more. The elderly librarian learned my name, and every time I went she’d have a stack of books ready that she thought I would like. I loved. Soon, the maximum amount of books to take out went to twelve, and I felt like the library had done that just for me. I finished the children’s section and moved on to the YA. They closed that library down, and I haven’t seen that librarian since but now my love of reading is complete. I wish everyone met someone like that, so they could understand the beauty of words.

    • ‘Beauty of Words’ that’s why we write, to include ourselves.

  • My 2nd grade teacher instilled a love of reading for me, too. I am forever grateful.

    • Thanks for stopping.

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