Tick Tock Goes the Clock

I have a half dozen posts I’m working on.  None of them ready, yet I feel guilty I can’t just send them into the blogosphere.

I been buckling down and setting realistic goals for my various projects.  I have milestones with dates attached.

Scary thing that.

I hate the word ‘goal’, my animosity was born in very specific circumstances and have plagued me ever since. The word makes me break into hives.

In my vernacular, I’ve replaced the word ‘goal’ with milestones, plans, etc. Anything that will place me solidly on my desired path. I’ve been reading Dean Wesley Smith’s ‘Think Like a Publisher‘ (great resource).  The advice offered is to the point and specific for either path in the publishing world.

The path of an author is a business.  Our stories are our products.  Like a truck full of produce stalled on the side of the road, if I can’t get my stories to market they’ll spoil.

That means setting deadlines and sticking to it. To prevent failure, the goals (fine, I’ll use the word) must, must, must be reasonable.  Short stories will always have a shorter production time than a novel. Novels must include time for readers and copy editing.  Regardless, it all takes time.  Slamming out a story in record time won’t do you any good.  Sending out a quality product will. I love the fact that Seanan McGuire regularly  posts about her projects, timelines, and progess.  She has created a form of accountability for her self.

Without a schedule and accountability, I set myself up for failure.  I hate to fail.

With my milestones in hand the only thing I can do is steam full-speed ahead, plowing through any resistance to obtain my goals (I’m still shuddering at that word).



  • I can’t start anything else until I’ve finished what I’m already working on. Except writing novels, in which I write two at the same time. But I can’t start any others until those two are finished.
    So I have no clue how you can work on more than 1 post at a time! That would drive me bonkers. lol Good luck!

    • My longer projects, I try to devote time every day. My shorter projects, I cycle through them. When they seem finished I concentrate on them. It’s a method that works for me. My crazy doesn’t work for everyone. 🙂

      • “My crazy doesn’t work for everyone.” — I love that! That’s cool how you work though. Must keep everything feeling fresh.

        • As always there are ups and downs, but I do my best. 🙂

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