The Heat is On

Okay, I have the Kenny Loggins ‘The Heat is On’ running through my head.  I hate it when I get and ear worm and I’m humming a song for the day or, worse yet, bopping along to the beat that is only in my head.

The actual temperatures are in the upper 90’s, add the heat index and is in the 100’s.  Then the pop-up thunderstorm that take out the power, a dog stressed out by said storms and my weekend is complete.

To quote my friend Sheri Blume, ‘Yikes! It’s hotter than the devil’s panties!’

To write a good story, I have to turn up the heat in my writing comfort zone.  To go from the ‘glow’ of hard work to ‘dripping sweat’ is necessary.  I can tell all the stories I want, but without the critical eye on my work I’ve got lots of paper and computer bytes that will not amount to much.

Turning that critical eye on my work is hard work.  I have to turn off the ‘I want to enjoy my work’ and buckle down.  I’ll get it done, I just have to stand the heat.



  • With nearly half-a-million people in the area without power, I’m grateful ours is still on! The weather heat can end now, please. But keep the fire to your feet for pushing on with the writing/editing/revising!

    • Amen. I’m just grateful the power outages have been short lived. This is not the time of year for failures. Stay cool my friend. And may your writing be fueled with this heat wave. 🙂

  • Godzilla in the forecast? Sounds a little like my life! The heat is miserable here in the west as well. We have been as dry as you are humid. 3% humidity is a little on the low side. Not too many power outages, just people being evacuated from their homes so they don’t get caught in all of the wildfires. If it wasn’t so hot and exhausting, it would make for a really good “end of the world” type story!

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