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In the past, I’ve talked about my manuscript but really haven’t given you any details.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Working Title: Hot Flashes – a Drakkon novel


Ella Hixson thinks she has the world figured out. Go to work, pay her bills, and keep her head down.  Then maybe, she’d get through the day.

That was before Ella discovered dragons existed, and she was one of them.

No more ordinary days as Ella navigates her new vision of life.  Family secrets are revealed and loyalties are stretched thin.  Ella finds herself involved in an Otherversal changing series of events that will strengthen or destroy Earth and Drakkenon.

And, Ella learns she has one very angry, dysfunctional uncle who would like to see Ella dead.

Ella has worlds to save, people to rescue, and still get home in time to feed the dog.

Main Character:  Ella Hixson is not your typical 20 something urban fantasy female.  She’s in her mid-forties, the universe at large is forcing change upon her, she loves her pit bull, and deserves combat pay for taking care of her elderly mother.

Synopsis:  I’m still revising my original synopsis, that should be completed shortly.  Aside from editing, I think writing a synopsis is the most aggravating process.

Goal:  Publication domination(a girl needs to dream big).

There it is.  The project that has consumed my life and brain for the last several years.  I’ve sent it off to a beta reader.  So, now I’m chilling, allowing myself some much needed down time.

Hopefully I’ll free up enough brain matter to relax back into my writing process. I have a ton of different story ideas buzzing around my brain, time to release them and let them fly.

To publication and beyond!



  • Never Give Up… Never Surrender!! 😀

  • Sounds good, Leila. Here’s hoping the best!

    • Thanks! Writing is definitely a journey.

  • It sounds like a very interesting story!

    • Thanks! We’ll see what the next step is.

  • Can’t wait to read it!

    • Thanks!

  • It does sound like a labour of love. I hope you realise your dreams with the book. Good look with the beta reader comments 🙂

    • Thank you kind sir! Persistence is a huge portion of achieving my dream.

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