There is nothing worse than coming to the end of a series of books and feeling like the author gave up.  The first four books of the Connor Grey series by Mark del Franco were engaging and thrilling. While at the time, I didn’t realize the fifth book would be of the end of the series, I anxiously awaited the publication of ‘Undone Deeds’.

It pains me to say I was bitterly dissappointed with this book.  Don’t get me wrong,  I have no issue with a series ending.  Everything must come to an end.  I had a problem with the author seeming to give up.

I’m sorry that I’ve felt compelled to write such a review of an author whom I have admired.  I would truly recommend the first 4 books of the series.  I’m just going to have to pretend the last book never existed.


One review called it a ‘Bobby Ewing ‘ ending and they weren’t kidding. I could have gotten past the past life regression. Or the fact that first four books were essentially made irrelevant by the last book. Or the fact that everyone knew what was going on but Connor himself. But having the survivors sail off into the mists of Avalon was too cliche for my tastes.  Lastly, I was bothered by the black and white resolution of each character.  The characters Connor cared for were resolved in a heroic way and the enemies were all destroyed.  It was too pat.

I wasn’t the only one who felt the ending of the series was lacking.  del Franco gave up on a great story line.  It felt like his editor said ‘get it done ‘ and this was all he had left.  I’m left with a deep sense of betrayal.  I, as a reader, didn’t get the ending that I deserved.

I know that all writers have moments where they don’t shine.  I wish he would have given us a more satisfying ending than ‘we all make choices and we’ll do it again and again, so no consequence is permanent.’

I know that I’ll more than likely get my own fair share of lumps in the future.  All I can do is hope I never lay such a stinker, that I’ll end whatever series I’m working on with a satisfying conclusion.

I’m sorry Mr. del Franco. I hope your next book will restore my faith in you.



  • It is hard when a favorite author phones it in. I wonder why they bothered at all or didn’t wait at least until they came up with something better. Maybe it is editor pressure. Or they feel like they wrote themselves into a corner. But it is disappointing.

    Hopefully I’ll wrap up my series before doing the same thing. 🙂

    • A friend of mine had the same issue with a long running series. The wildly popular author seemed to phone in the last couple of book in the series. I really don’t want to be that person. I’m hoping my friends will always keep me honest. Delivering the appropriate kick in the pants to keep things honest.

  • You and I seem to be writing about series endings this week!

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