Channeling my Emotional Poltergeists

Lately, I’ve been angry and frustrated-a lot.  Little things are bugging me, things that are beyond my control.  I find it annoying that I can not control all aspects of my life with an iron fist. (snort)

All this depends on stress levels, health, getting me time, and, maybe, the alignment of the planets.

Yet, I have good friends that help me through the ‘moods’.  They kick me in the butt as needed and let me talk things out.  Making suggestions that help me through the mire.

The plus on all this emotion?  I’m do my best to channel it into my writing.  It’s amazing how the irritation, anger, joy, and sorrow can make a scene come to life.

I’m an actor of the written word.  (Oooo, I like that.)

While I will never appear on a screen, big or small, I want to paint a picture that will have people seeing my stories play on the in their mind.  I want my base emotions color their emotional response to my stories.  I want them to weep, jump for joy, stand at the abyss.

I can’t imagine writing sans emotion.  It is what drives me to tell my stories.

Without a way to channel those emotional poltergeists, I think I would end up in the loony bin.


One comment

  • I shall begin immediately and work diligently on re-alligning the planets just for you mon ami 😉

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