Plot Holes, Bad Punctuation, and Brain Farts

Feedback is the bane of my existence.  It’s not that I don’t value it.  In fact, I treasure it. However, I always feel rejected when my vision isn’t clear and my mistakes made clear.

After all, I am a perfect communicator. NOT!

It takes me a few moments to get past my pride (Yep, my pride can be an uncomfortable partner), then I see where the my mistakes are and allow everything to settle so I can better my story.

Without readers to help me fill in plot holes, grammar and punctuation issues, and flow issues, I would have nothing.  Your honesty and critique are invaluable tools.

Thank you for all your feedback and patience. Please don’t give up on me.



  • Feedback is tough. But it makes us better writers. My initial and beta readers are all going into the acknowledgments when I publish. The books wouldn’t be as good without their input.

    I don’t think your readers will give up on you!

  • ah, the old sandwich method. it’s nice when critiquers can find some positive things to balance out the negative. sometimes when i’ve had a disappointing response in my critique group, i’ll let it set for a few days before i try to look at it again. usually by then, i’m not as emotional and can look at the comments more objectively.

  • Love the cartoon! LOL Positive is good, but from my beta I want brutal honesty. That’s probably why I like the cartoon — if that’s all I’ve done right, let me know so I can fix everything else. And if it’s tripe, then say so. I’d rather hear those things from my trusted beta (as much as they may sting) than from a stranger!

  • All three of you are spot on. I really, truly treasure my feedback. I have people whom I trust to give me exactly the truth. I’d rather have truth than gold-plated platitudes.

    I couldn’t resist the cartoon, It summed everything up. 😉

  • OMG–I just wrote a blog article about this very topic because of a friend of mine who has taken these types of critiques so personal that she is frozen. I called the blog post “Mean people suck”–and don`t we all know, as writers, how mean people can be.

    I remember my first few months as an aspiring online writer–how painful those memories are *laughing*. I was called everything in the book, I was told my writing was at a high school level at best–on, and on, and on. Sometimes I would literally feel like crying (shhhhh, don`t tell anyone).

    What did I do? I kept writing, I kept walking, I kept moving forward and I would not quit. I soon, as others have eluded to here in the comments, became a better writer because of the “trolls” who stalked me. I know, they probably were not trolls and I am sure they were not slaking me but it sure felt like it. God Bless–WP

    • It’s been gratifying to know that I’m not the only one. I want my feedback honest and straight forward. I want to know what works, and what darlings to kill. However, delivery doesn’t have to be hurtful. Because in there is as much good as there are things to work on. Both need to be acknowledged. Moving forward is the only way to get through, be enlightened and be the writer I want to be. 🙂

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