Worlds without Number

In 1977, I fell in love with ‘Star Wars‘.  I was eleven years old and had been reading science fiction for several years, I couldn’t get enough.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but George Lucas helped me understand how to build worlds and civilizations (except for the unfortunate Ewoks).  I saw the universe as an expansive place where anything could happen.

The same year a little book by the name of ‘Sword of Shannara‘, by Terry Brooks, made its way into my consciousness.  A post-apocolytic, epic fantasy.  Wow.  I was enchanted.

Heinlein’s ‘Citizen of the Galaxy‘ helped me understand how to build social structure.  That inequality existed in all social strata. Heroes came from any background. Every character should have elements of the protagonist and antagonist.

Anne McCaffrey had me dreaming of flying. Arthur C. Clarke inspired me to think beyond the confines of my understanding. Isaac Asimov taught me about rules of civilization and change. Ben Bova gave me an appreciation for the technicalities of science.

Whether the medium was visual or the written word, my subconscious paid attention to the worlds that were created by these great minds.  I realized, I wanted to build worlds like these. I wanted to soar among the stars.  Have good triumph over evil despite the cost. Destroy and rebuild worlds.

Now as I sit down and write, I have an eleven year old cheering me on.  Excited to see our visions of what is and what could be come to life.



  • It’s like you are reading my mind. The things we see and listen to (especially when we are young) wedge themselves in somewhere and slowly influence our writing and our lives. It’s this tapping into the past that fascinates and excites my mind while writing.

    • I work hard to keep my eleven year old self front and center in my creative endeavors. She’s honest, funny and takes no crap from my current self.

  • I read every book you listed—and saw Star Wars 8 times in the theater. 🙂 I suspect they’ve influenced me in similar ways!

    • How could we not have our minds expanded with such influences? 🙂

  • Yes, I’m a big lover of the magical world builders, especially George Lucas. Both my boys and I watch the whole Star Wars series at least once every year. My youngest son is 10 and my oldest 13 — they are both in that prime time of discovery. Thanks for reminding of the importance of that time in my life and theirs!

    • Anytime. My inner child was missing for awhile. I had to find her again. Now we play regularly. 🙂

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