Clogged Creative Arteries

Much like arterial plaque, stress has clogged my creative arteries.  Only letting through enough to survive, but not enough to do much more.

I’m creating a stint that will reopen my arteries:

  1. I’m going back to having a stream of consciousness/brain dump file.  My moods, good, bad or indifferent, are noted and I perform self therapy of sorts.  When I start it all up again, it’s amazing how much I can get done.
  2. Write, Write, Write! No being too tired, sick or lazy.  Even if it’s a sentence, I’ll get it done.
  3. Like my health, I need to develop a ‘healthy’ reading diet. This is as important as writing daily.  While reading for pleasure is a necessity, reading for form and structure is just as important.
  4. Learn how to say ‘no’.  ‘No’ is a good word to cultivate.  I’ll be more assertive as I pick and choose what is important to me.
  5. Disconnect. I want to stay connected, collecting my information about the world, family and friends.  Yet, my information storage capacity gets overwhelmed and it starts to shutdown.  Turning off everything for a bit on a regular basis, allows me to process what I have.

There’s nothing worse than succumbing to creative atrophy.  I’m pulling up my big girl panties up and getting back with the program.  🙂

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  • There must be soemthing in the air. I am feeling the same.

    • We’ll make a run for creative brain cleaning together. 🙂

    • Two for the price of one clean. Excellent idea.

  • Shouldn’t it be Braino? ;p I agree, sometimes we need to shut down everything and recharge. #4 is huge. Such a simple word and so hard to say.

    • Braino indeed! 🙂 I’m saying ‘no’ more and more often, it’s liberating.

  • Excellent points. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve been clogging up a bit myself of late… time to clear myself out. Braino–love it! 🙂

    • Thanks, I started my new ‘healthy writing’ regimen last night.

  • good for you.i hope the mental cleansing works out.

    • Thanks!

  • Hope it’s working well! My beta reader’s comments have helped my brain refocus, and I’m starting to work on new elements and revising existing ones. Disconnecting and saying ‘no’ are things I still have to work on, though!

    Let’s all get those butts in the chair and write!

  • Excellent and motivating post. This is the kind of stuff I think about but never right down. Now I don’t have to write it down because you already have.

    • Anytime I can help. 🙂 Thank you my friend.

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