Toys from God

Clay Marzo, champion surfer, said, “Waves are like toys from God, and I’m just playing.”

I read that quote, in the book ‘Imagine: How creativity works‘, and had a moment of clarity.

When I’m in that storytelling/writing mode, a flow happens and each kernel of idea becomes my ‘toy from God’. I revel in the freedom and joy that comes from those moments.

Finding those moments can be a challenge. I need to be able to create a focus, something I’m not always successful at.

So, I write. I write when I don’t feel like it and I write when I do.  I find a way to get the flow going, doing my best to block out distractions.  I look for those toys in the treasure chest of my mind.

Then, I’m blessed with that moment of bliss when it all flows and I’m riding that creative wave, playing for all I’m worth.



  • I’m reading Lehrer’s book right now. It’s fascinating! 🙂

    • I love how Lehrer illustrates his examples. It’s become one of my top picks for the year.

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