Connect the Dots

The initial act of writing is a solitary one. Ideas bubble up from the darkest corners of our brain and beg to be documented.  In the first, second, two hundredth and second draft, we toil to shape our glorious jumble words into a story worth reading.

How do we know our plots aren’t holey?  How do we know our story is worth reading?

In the immortal advice found in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy‘ (Douglass Adams rules) – Don’t panic and carry a towel.

It’s time to let trusted others read the children of our imagination. Well chosen readers will give you the honesty, suggestions, and ideas to refine your work.  This kind of interaction is imperative.  Give your beta readers specific guidelines – looking for plot holes, grammar and punctuation issues, or pacing. Don’t limit yourself to people who read your genre. Let your ego go and listen to what your readers have to say. Keep the beta readers in the development loop, they’ll help you know when you are ready to let the story fly out into the world of agents and editors.

We’re not done yet. Now the hard work begins.

When your manuscript is accepted, seldom will it go untouched by an agent or an editor.  They know the business and want you to successfully sell your project. All of their suggestions are meant to make your work more marketable.  Don’t discount the information.  If there are things you disagree with, let the editor know and discuss it.

We have to connect the dots to make our dreams come true.



  • I love Douglas Adams! Leila, I just awarded you the Blog on Fire Award. You can find the details here:

    • Thank you kind lady!

  • >> Let your ego go and listen to what your readers have to say.<< Probably the hardest part for any writier. Killing their darlings. Tough, but often necessary. Great post.

    • Thanks!

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