There You Are

Have you ever been talking to a friend and have a personal moment of ‘aha’ about your own life?

I’ve been mired in guilt, telling myself I’ve not been writing enough.  Not a good place to be.

Writing is part of my daily regimen.  Yet, a little voice in my head says I need to be more prolific.  Spewing out pages with clock work precision.  Obviously, I’ve forgotten that my brain doesn’t work that way.  Life happens, writing happens (with regularly scheduled intervals), and things will get done when they get done.

I can’t control the madness of work, I can’t control the family and the drama that can ensue.  I can control how I react to bumps, dips, and chasms in my way, finding a way through, under, over, or around the obstacles.

To quote the great Buckaroo Banzai:

“no matter where you go, there you are.”

My simple truth is that I work full time, I write as much as I can and life happens.  And I’m okay with that.



  • Yes, we great with that. You do what you can with the time you have.

    • So true!

  • >>My simple truth is that I work full time, I write as much as I can and life happens. And I’m okay with that.<<
    Ah, yes, I can relate completely. I used to beat myself up for not writing when something else needed doing. I've gotten better at not doing that and trying to relax into the flow. Now I just need to get the hubby trained! Why is it he thinks when I sit to write it's a good time to come chat with me? I have to give him the full-blown stink eye to get him to go away! LOL

    • Same reason my dog HAS to go out the moment I get in my groove.

      • I make sure everyone’s been out before I sit down. Somehow I find my dogs easier to train than the man!

        • Hee!

  • I’ve had the same guilty thoughts about my writing. But you’re right. We have to write what we can, when we can. If we can make it regularly scheduled programming, that’s great. But if we have to improvise, the important thing is we’re still writing!

    • Exactly. Our creativity suffers if we drive ourselves by guilt. Determination, persistence, but no guilt.

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