Game of Numbers

Okay, I’ve become addicted to tracking my numbers on WordPress.  Their new stat page is great.  I love the ‘humanize’ tab.  Today?

Go Nebraska!


I want more! I want everyone to read my blog.  I want to know who they are! I want more readers!

That’s a lot of ‘I want’s’.  I’ll bring a little fromage to my next whine.

I know my readership is a combination of subscribers/followers (can I say thank you, thank you, thank you for your support?), SEO phrases, making sure my posts are visible on social media sights I choose, and persistence on my part.

The numbers bring out a competitive edge. Granted I’m only competing with myself, but I can be a fierce competitor.

I’ll now step away from the edge of the numbers ledge, not making any sudden movements.

I’ve built a good platform. I’m willing to continue to write good content and nurture my audience. Like Oliver, I’m not afraid to ask for more.



  • I’m addicted to my numbers, too. Sometimes I wonder just how much of my confidence is wrapped up in that daily number. Still, it drives me to keep writing quality pieces! I love the motivation.

    • I do my best to remember why I started my blog. The numbers certainly weren’t there in the beginning, but the core of my journey was. I’ve learned so much and I’m continuing to learn. 🙂

  • p.s. Where is the “humanize tab?” That’s pretty cool!

  • I love the stats page too. I don’t disclose my obsession but I check it … often. Thus, I can’t believe I’ve never seen “humanize”. Looked then and still couldn’t find it. Could you share where it is with a fool? Thanks.

    • Stats are such a fine line between obsession and that’s nice. There are days I’m stuck firmly in obsession. But I try to live in the land of ‘that’s nice’. 🙂 I posted the directions as a separate reply.

      Have a great day!

  • To find the humanize link, click on the Stats Graph at the top of the page in the WordPress bar. Once on the graph page, you should see ‘at a glance – days, weeks, months, humanize’ above the actual graph. There they give us all sorts of weird and wonderful statistics. 🙂

  • I check my numbers constantly Leila. It makes my day to see a new subscriber as well. I was told by my editor to inform lit agents about your numbers if they are good. So it is more than just want to have good numbers. Platform matters and the bigger the better!

    • My numbers are definitely improving. Steady (I won’t say slow) wins the race. I love hearing about your progress. I’m expecting to get my copy of your book signed by you. 🙂

  • Oh, oh. No “humanize” tab for me. I wonder if it’s an option that’s only on and not That would be awesome, but maybe it’s better a stats addict like me doesn’t have it! 🙂

    But I’m looking forward to your continued posts and content! 🙂

    • I’m on Mmmmm, now a mystery to be solved. We’ll figure this out. That’s what friends do. 🙂

      • Hmm, I have the premium package, so that shouldn’t be it, either. Maybe you’re one of the lucky first ones to get it?

        • I’ve had it for awhile. I’m wondering with the premium package the stats are reported a little differently. Mmmm, a mystery wrapped in a conundrum. 🙂

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