Books Abounding

No matter the form, hard copies or soft copies, I’ve found there are never enough stories told that span the scope of the human imagination. I’m grateful to each and every author that populates my bookshelves. Each author has taught me a different aspect of storytelling.

I grew up with books abounding. The basement was chocked full of subject ranging from scifi and fantasy to college textbooks. Then, there were the various piles of books from the local library and bookmobile that cluttered my room. I think the librarian and bookmobile driver lived in fear of our visits. We would check out the max (30) at a time and have them read with in a week. I once had a librarian quiz me on the books I’d checked back in, just to prove I had read them.

I loved summer vacations-non-stop reading. It was a wonderful childhood.

Now? I personally have bookcases full of worlds without number. Subjects are as diverse as snowflakes. I cycle through the books adding and subtracting as I live my life.

Doomsayers say print is dead and book sales are diminishing.

I say fie on them. Publishing is alive and well. The business models are changing to be current with technology. Change is necessary. I truly believe both formats will exist.

With change comes fear of the unknown. The interesting thing? No matter the format, stories will be told. Well told stories will entertain us, educate us and make us think.

Don’t fear the changing publishing industry. Fear the people crying doom.

Sales of stories have kept up with technology.  We have hard copies and e-copies, giving unprecedented access to information and entertainment. Storytelling is alive and well, let us share our worlds with you!

Support the writers you know, read a book or two. Then tell the world about them.

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  • Heck, yeah! 🙂

    The nice thing about readers and book lovers is that they love the tradition of print books. That love will never change even when technology does. E-books are great, but the can’t replace the feeling of a real book in your hands. Like you said, there’s room enough for both formats. 🙂

    • Exactly. Curling up in bed or on a chair with a book in hand is comforting, e-format conveniently let me take a library every where I go. Hard to pass up both.:)

  • Well, said, Leila! No matter the format, storytelling will always be with us—it’s part of what makes us human. And the more information that’s accessible to people can make this world a better place. I don’t know how we’ll be “reading” in 100 years, but we will be doing it is some form.

    • Mmmm, makes me wonder about what archaeology students would have thought about my book basement?

      • I’d like to think they’d recognize it for what it was 🙂 But there are some good jokes and funny cartoons about how wrong we could be getting things! If I could travel back in time, that’s one of the things I’d like to check out!

  • Yay! for books! One of my nieces recently told me she would never buy a Kindle because she *needs* the feel of that book in her hands, the actual turning of the pages, the smell of them. My mom was a librarian and I grew up between the stacks — I think I will always have real books.

    • I can’t ever see a world without my hard copies. That being said, I’m building up my legs for a bicycle generator so I’ll never lose my batter on my Kindle. 🙂

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