Thank you!

This blog would be nothing without the people who read my madness.  A community has formed and I can’t tell you how much the collective support means to me.

Between writing, editing, working my daytime gig, and trying to maintain a skewed balance in my grand scheme of things, I often feel as though I can’t get to everything.  That includes commenting on my friends blogs, new and old.  Please forgive me.

Thank you all for your awards, comments and support.

I can’t wait to continue on the maddening journey to publication or over the edge. 🙂  Rest assured, I plan on taking you all with me.



  • I’ve already fallen over the edge, haha! Call out when you’re about to drop and I’ll try and catch you.

    • Thank you! I love that we work to catch each other. That’s what I love about the blogosphere.

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