What doesn’t kill us…

How do our experiences shape us as writers?

I read a fabulous post over on Jean Day Friday called ‘The Spanish Inquisition‘. Allison’s confession of a mis-spent time as a student was honest and refreshing.

Be the experiences funny, not so funny, sad, joyful or embarrassing, they all influence our imagination.

The key is not being afraid to tap those memories, allowing the emotion to color our writing.  Often the core emotions are uncomfortable, even frightening.  Acknowledging and applying the essence of those experiences give us a strength that shines though in our craft.

The sum of my experiences have shaped the person I am today and I like her.



  • You are a sweetheart! Thank you for these kind words – I sincerely appreciate it. I had a teacher who once told me I was an awful writer. But today, and through this super sweet shout-out, you have helped me realize that maybe I’m doing OK in the writing arena. So, thank you so much! 🙂

    • You are so welcome. Your blog brightens my day.

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