Damn it, Jim!

I swear my brain has turned to mush.


When did my mental hard drive lose all sense with it comes to punctuation? Those little dots, dripps, and slashes have WAAAAAY too much power in our lives.

I know, I know. At all times, I should have a grammar and punctuation manual in reach.  It’s a bit obvious I’m not working when I have the manual open and am muttering about the placement of punctuation in my dialogue.

“Damn it, Jim! I’m a Writer! Not….” Leila sighed, admitting defeat. “Never mind.”

The brain has crapped out on me again.

p.s. I have a great group of women I write with who forgive my brain farts.



  • I have been brain farting all day! It must be the weather (I blame everything on the weather! Lol!)

    • Noooo, the brain farts are spreading! Save ourselves and the books! 🙂

  • Love the Trek reference! 🙂

    Hang in there – the words will come.

    • I’m a trekker! 🙂

  • Where’s Spock when you need him? He seemed to know everything about human culture—come on, he could even play the piano. Surely he knows the proper punctuation for English, right?!

    • The Vulcan Mind Meld. Stuff it all in my head…

  • Punctuation and grammar are a pain in the butt. My least favorite aspect of writing. I freak out over italics versus quotes too.

    • I’m getting my brain back in gear. sigh. I’ve hit the manual again, and have repented of my evil ways. 🙂

  • An editor told me not to use so many commas–the current vogue was to steamroll through sentences. I try, not very hard. Those dots and blips may have too much power, but they work hard for it!

    • I figured out my friend was correct, but the application in the real world was spotty at best. sigh I shall over come my punctuation issues. 🙂

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