Learning to Write Again

(Okay, I took a liberty)

I go through phases where I seem to forget everything I know about storytelling and writing. I get stuck in an ugly funk that drains me.

I stagnate as I kill myself creatively and spiritually. I struggle to liberate myself. To free my muse and concentrate on the basics.

Figuring out how to start from square one is difficult.  Terror shuts me down as I work to free my brain, my heart and my spirit.

Then I break through, allowing myself to be free of my restraints.  That’s when I do my best work.  Not when I’m nitpicking, second guessing and stressing.

The story is the ‘easy’ part, the mind games are the hard part.  I just have to remember to breathe and make it happen.



  • Ah, yes, mind games. My self-doubt has been trying to rear it’s ugly head of late, I’ve managed to wrestle it down and ignore it. So far… Muscle through. “Breath and make it happen.” 🙂

    • Breathing is good. Positive in-two-three-four, negativity out-two-three-four.

  • My favorite self doubt is “But it doesn’t sound like _______(fill in the blank with anybody’s name!) so it must not be as good as everyone else’s writing.” When the reality is that finding my own voice is the only way! Ah, self doubt. It tries so hard to become our favorite past time. Pooh on mind games I say, Pooh.

    • Yes, the self-doubt is going to get its behind kicked. And soon. 🙂

  • I believe all “successful” writers have self-doubt. It’s what drives them to make their work the best it can be. So while we need to kick its butt, I think it’s a good sign when we have it!

    But keep kicking butt!

    • Sing it sistah! 🙂

  • I’m in one of those moods at the moment – I feel like I can’t write a darn thing. It will pass, I know it will. 🙂

    • Sometimes I just have to sit down and have a stare down with my screen. I blink, but inevitably I get moving on my thought/project. I’m sending good non-blockage vibes your way. 🙂

  • I try to think of self doubt as the phase before brilliance strikes. I have to think I’m going to fail and I can never think of the next scene or the perfect fix to a draft. But it comes. Sometimes at 1 am as I am about to drift to sleep. Sometimes while I wash the dishes. So when self doubt strikes, try to remember something brilliant is just beneath the surface working its way through. 🙂

    • I love the subconscious. It truly is our best weapon against doubt. 🙂

  • Thinking and planning are the most difficult parts, that’s true. Once you know the main ideas, the plan, it’s so easy to write 🙂

    • It’s getting the gears moving, that sometimes is the most difficult. 🙂

  • I find that my worst character defects and neurotic episodes become my greatest assets creatively speaking–odd people, we writers are (smiling).

    • Absolutely. I like my characters to have quirks and tics. Makes them interesting and memorable.

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