To Tweet or Not to Tweet

that is the question.  I found this chart and laughed.

Then found myself thinking.  It is so easy to be consumed by the sharing of information through social media.  FacebookTwitterGoogle+ (which I love), FourSquare, etc all are ways to get a version of your self out into the public realm.

Here is the real question – why do you want to share?  There are people out there who tend to have an over share problem. Seriously, I really don’t want to know if you’re driving to work, eating lunch or just had a bowel movement.

I want my information to count.  I use my social media connections to promote my image as an author, my writing and find interesting content/news.  I have a plan and a purpose to what I do.  I’ve met some wonderful people via my social media connections.

Like all things, social media should be used judiciously.  Because the simple truth is – what is sent out into the cybersphere, will stay in the cybersphere.

As I swim in the ocean of social media, I live by a simple rule – can I stand by or defend anything I put out there? Thought provoking is one thing-libel, slander and defamation is another.  If I have a doubt, I won’t post, tweet, or blog it.

Social Media is what you choose to make it.  Choose wisely, because it will reflect upon you.



  • The chart led me to “get off Twitter” pretty quickly. Of course, I’m not ON Twitter so that’s not much of a problem. It is so easy to let social media consume you. I want to make connections with people but, like you, I want them to be purposeful connections.

    • I have a hard time following Twitter conversations. Mainly because I’m in the middle of other things and don’t have time to follow the thread. Like all things, we make it what we want. 🙂

  • Oh I love this flowchart! Reminds me of computer studies haha… and yes, it told me to get off twitter! Yeah oversharing… it gets me some time as Twitter can easily become addictive… but now because of school I only tweet important things like my blog posts or inspiring quotes.

    • I currently have it hanging at my cubicle. As I work in an IT department, there are a lot of chuckles. 🙂

  • I’m still getting the hang of blogging — I’m not ready to dive into Twitter, yet. If an agent makes me someday, well, okay, I’ll do it then! 😉

    Honestly, I wonder where some people find the time to write novels with all the blogging, tweeting, FBing, etc. that they do.

    • WordPress allows us to update Facebook and Twitter without any effort. Now, if they’ll get Google+ on board, it will be the perfect trifecta! 🙂

  • Great post! 🙂

    Social media is pretty much a place to promote my writing. The only accounts I have are in my pen name and that includes facebook. I like the anonymity and I have no need to share my entire personal life online. It’s all about the writing and the writing community for me. 🙂

    • Thank you, my smart & savvy friend. 🙂

  • As much as I love social media and have accounts on most of the major ones, I just don’t have the time to be plugged in 24/7. 😉

    • Exactly. 🙂

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