What is your Secret?

I love reading Post Secret every Sunday.  As odd, poignant, funny, terrifying, or sad the secret, I’m envious that the submitters all have the courage to reveal their inner most thoughts.

There are some days, I feel that my inner secrets will spill out, revealing my true self.  Then no one would want to be around me.  Boy, doesn’t that sound like I have no self esteem.  I cope with all this by writing.  Letting my secrets slip out in stories that are fantastic and mundane.  Showing the world my psychological underwear.

Our stories spring from the recesses of our minds.  Our secret fears, desires and thoughts are bound to manifest themselves some way in our writings.

Do I share everything about me? No, I’m still not comfortable doing that.  Writing allows me to let my mind play, without boundaries.

Apparently, I love to destroy things.  I do believe in hope.  Death is not a scary thing.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is push forward, through the mire, and live.  Family is okay, being full of individuals.  Allowing the shadow with in to emerge and have a say is okay.

Many more layers, thoughts, and secrets exist, I no longer fear them.  I embrace them, knowing I’m still a good person. A multidimensional being, who recognizes all parts.

Secrets aren’t a bad thing, they only become toxic without acknowledgement.  Writing frees me, inspires me and allows me to see all aspects of me.



  • Some secrets are joyous things – the seed of your next story, buried in the dark now, but someday to rise up, burst into leaf, and tremble in a breeze … You are filled with growing, warm ideas …

    • This is why I adore you!

  • One of my favorite writers is known for blurring the line between fiction and his own truth. That’s probably why he was such a great writer – no one could tell where one ended and the other began. 🙂

    • Absolutely, that’s what makes good writing so memorable. Self recognizes self.

  • Yes a story always represents an aspect of the writer though it can be very subtle. Great post!

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