Stupid Computer

My netbook is giving me fits.  I love my netbook. Who needs a purse dog, when my little marvel of technology fits in my purse and I can love it, hug it and call it George.

I’m rhapsodizing over my netbook, because I work on my manuscript during lunch.  And the darn thing has betrayed me.  It’s so slow, it makes a snail look like a rabbit.

All right, let me be specific. MSWord is giving me fits.

I use MSWord as my primary writing tool. I know it, work with it daily and use it professionally.  I’m savvy to it’s ways.  My Review function is slowing things down. (Before anyone asks me if I use pen and paper, the answer is simple – I can’t read my own writing.)  I know there are other ‘writing’ programs out there, but I’ve found my brain doesn’t match their methods and madness.

I’ve performed all the maintenance, cleared the registry, cleared all the caches, and deleted all programs that I do not use.  All I really need is Chrome, MSWord and Angry Birds. And it’s still sapping the strength out of my patience.


I got so mad I bought a new laptop, WHICH seems to take the Review function like a champ (yes, I know never make a purchase when you are mad, but it’s so shiny and new and FAST!).

My gut tells me, I’m going to have to hose the netbook’s drive and rebuild the dumb thing.  For the record, the document is just under a meg in size or just under 102,000 words.  I’m going to play the paranoia card and say it’s become sentient and is out to get me.

I just want the computer to work as fast as my brain. Is that too much to ask?



  • I wish I was as computer savvy! But once DOS went under cover of Windows, well, my few skills went the way of the dodo.

    I have to use Word at work, and I still use it for most of my WIP, which were well-established in it before I got Scrivener for Windows. I HATE Word! I still miss WordPerfect. But Word is horrible as a “desktop publishing” program, and that’s really what so many people are trying to use it for. But Gates knew how to market it.

    My personal conspiracy view is that the computers are designed to slow down, even if you never use them for the web and never update your original programs. We must buy new ones every two years….!

    • I still haven’t been able to figure out Scrivener. I have some good friend who use it and love, but it has yet to click with me. It could be I haven’t had the time to really look at it. Maybe with the next project. 🙂

      My brother-in-law gave me the best advice when it came to computers, ‘If it asks you to delete and you didn’t want to, hit cancel. Anything else can be fixed.’ Computers haven’t been safe from me since then.

  • you are the Technology Queen… and shall triumph over ill-behaving netbooks!!

    • I will conquer the recalcitrant beast! I shall!

  • I swear computers are secretly forming an army and will one day take over the earth. We’re playing right into their hand by being so dependent on them, (I am one of those people – I cry when my computer breaks). 😉

    • Just remember, WE are smarter than computers. If you can successfully keep that in mind, then we shall prevail. Or at least have a pretty pile of scraps to look at.

  • Lol I think that we’ll have to wait years until a computer can be as fast as our brains!

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