Poetry – Schmoetry

I have a confession.

I’ve never really liked poetry (with the exception of Slam Poetry). I think it might have something to do with trying to memorize ‘The Old Man and the Sea‘ when I was much younger. Something I failed miserably at, blocking the experience forever from my memory.

What poetry I’ve read, never seemed to get to its point, and that drove me crazy.

Doug Savage (www.savagechickens.com)

To the friends, family and others who write poetry, I’m sorry.

Last year, I found myself writing Poetry.  I will state up front, I have never been poetically inclined (My creative writing teacher in school, had nothing good to say about my poetry).  Now, I’m finding joy in the concise application of words and phrasing that express my moods and emotions.

Who knew?

I have received amazing support for my efforts. That support means so much to me.

While, I’m still not a fan of long poems, I am truly appreciating the word play and thought that goes into the pieces I am reading.

I have amended my attitude – Long Live Poetry!



  • I’m not a big fans of poems either but some of them really inspire and fascinate me so 🙂 anyways every writer has his own ways ^^ yep long live poetry!

  • Ah, yes. I feel much the same way. In fact, not to be a diversion or anything–but this really puts me in mind of a post I wrote a while back, “In defense of the perpetration of poetry”. See what you think!

    • Ha!! ‘Poetry is prose that’s lost its girdle.‘ How perfect is that. That’s exactly how I feel. That was a great post. (diversions are fun!)

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  • I prefer short poems to long ones, the kind where you know the author thought carefully about each word. Any favorite poems or poets?

    • Honestly? I don’t have any particular favorites. I look for the ones that strike a chord. I’ve been to a couple of slam competitions and loved them.

  • Long Live Poetry … I can relate as I’ve had a love hate relationship with it too. I used to write poetry a lot years back. Then one day I stopped and it never fully came back…

    • The more I write, the more I love the different forms. 🙂

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