Be Happy, Be Calm & Carry On

Buddafulkat sent me a link about writing advice by Sarah Selecky.  The article is great. But I would like to concentrate on her first point:

 Be more positive. Cynicism, negativity and writerly angst doesn’t help. That whole “I have to be unhappy to write” thing is a myth. No you don’t. Being negative hurts your writing – it doesn’t help it. You will be a more brilliant writer if you work on becoming a healthy person.
Heather Jessup, author of The Lightning Field

I ended 2011 in a relatively negative funk.  At work, we’d been bombarded by terrible things happening to good people.  At home, I was feeling like a trained monkey, expected to perform on command and not being able to work on my goals.  My writing was stifled.  I did have moments of joy, but it was muted.  That frustrated me.

All my writing depends on me coming from a calm, happy place. The drama, adventure or emotional outbursts that I write depend on that place. It’s like playing tag, where a safe place always exists.  I can tag the experience or emotion I need, then retreat to my peaceful, happy place to create.

My goal for 2012 is to maintain my creative space.  Allowing myself to take inspiration from the drama that happens in life, without being mired in it.

Be Happy, Be Calm and Carry On.



  • I know what you mean about needing to be in that space. When I was a teen I used to write when I was emotional and I needed to do that, but what I created was full of angst and not very good. Now when I write or create, I have to be calm too. Otherwise it just doesn’t turn out well, doesn’t feel right, and leads to more frustration.

    Wishing us both a calm and productive 2012!

    • Sometimes, I have a hard time clearing out the minutiae. I battle through the dreck and find myself with a burst of productivity.

  • That’s good advice!

    • Thanks! Happy New Year.

  • I do think it depends on the writer. Some people create beautiful work during the those classic “throes of agony”, but in general you’re right. Not to mention when I’m in a bad mood, I really don’t feel like sitting down and focusing on something, especially when I’m not feeling exceptionally inspired. By all means, I can force myself to write and it will still maintain the quality I demand from myself, but if I’m not feeling well, odds are I won’t even try.

    Nice post, and thanks for the pingback. I wrote a post quite similar to this talking about creative process if you wanna take a look at that.

    • Thank you for coming by and your your great comment. I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  • That sounds like a fabulous goal! 🙂

  • I agree with heather… While it is perfectly normal and human to vent now and again, a daily diet of negativity doesn’t do much good. 🙂

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