I am a writer.

If you don’t read this blog regularly, I thought I ought to state the obvious.

I have a small, if not significant, insecurity.

My ‘qualifications’ as a writer are, perhaps, a little sparse.  I don’t have a degree in writing, journalism, or the arts.  I just have a drive to create and write.  For the longest time I felt I couldn’t be taken seriously due to my ‘lack’ of qualifications. After all, it would seem all the best sellers and literary authors all seem to have all these qualifications.

Then I had an epiphany. Craft, education and practice matter. Education comes in formal and informal ways.

To be perfect, gives me no room to grow.  Having the courage to live out loud, be open to new experiences and allowing myself to be wrong makes me a better person and writer.

My name is Leila Gaskin – I am a writer.



  • I have zero qualifications as well, but writing isn’t about fancy degrees. Its about telling a good story and being fearless with creativity. 🙂 You, my friend, are loaded with both.

  • Thank you! Here’s to our literary world domination. 🙂

  • I agree. Here’s a blog post I recently discovered with a list of good writing advice, especially no. 2 and 3 – don’t go to university or get an MFA for writing – experience life instead:

    • Thanks Leila for your post that led me to reading the comments and this fabulous Blog that ‘buddhafulkat’ linked to above.

      • You’re welcome. I loved that link as well!

  • Absolutely!

  • I so love this post! Writing is an art and doesn’t require any qualifications. An art depends on inspiration, dedication, passion… but not on qualifications 🙂

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