Love, Hate, Love – ARGH!

I’m in a manuscript funk.  I love my story, but I hate my manuscript.

Specifically, I had my editing process.  At my writer’s group on Saturday, I asked if anyone else felt the same way.  The laughter was deafening.

Editing is a painful necessary part of the writing process. I truly believe it is the difference between those who write and those who write and are published.  I’ll get through it-I have to.  I want the the publication pot at the end of the rainbow.

In the meantime, I can feel my brain dribbling out of my ears.



  • I hate the editing process too mainly because I wnd up realising that I’ll have to delete a lot of my favourite parts in the story… well as you said we all have to get through this to make a writer’s dream come true. I’ll definitely retweet this 🙂

    • Thanks for the re-tweet. 🙂 For me I realize I, apparently, forgot all my punctuation rules. sigh

  • I detest editing as well; even when I set a manuscript aside to let it settle for a few months, I still feel too close to it to be able to edit effectively.

    • I’m fortunate enough to have some great beta readers that keep me on the straight and narrow. That helps with the perspective.

  • Absolutely true. Of course, I just commented to a new writer that she shouldn’t edit too soon! She’d just written her first 1,500 words the other day. And the next day instead of writing, she started editing.

    Killing off a favorite scene is so hard. But sometimes we have to do it. And I agree – it’s the well-edited manuscripts that have the best chance of getting an agent. With so many hopefuls out there, that submission manuscript has to be as good as it can. And as one of those hoping to get a traditional print publication, I have a lot more editing to do!

    • Exactly. Based on the comments of a rejection (BTW, it was a great rejection), I ended up getting rid of my first chapter and starting from a different point. It made all the difference.

      I look at editing as a necessary evil.

  • A great rejection is a step going up, not down…cheers, let me know if I can help in any way, Robin

  • Hang in there… you will conquer this one too. 🙂

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