Tools and Things…

Writing tools have evolved over the course of humanity.

At first, there was charcoal, a natural by-product of the lifestyle of early humans (and according to recent studies – Neanderthals).  Symbols decorated all surfaces, some more permanent than others (i.e. cave drawings, petroglyphs, clay tablets, animal skins).   The real fun began when papyrus and cotton were treated and formed to create a more accessible medium.  During this time, writing tools themselves went from mineral and charcoal-based, to bugs for a more permanent ink, to the current version of inks, paints, and other mediums we see.

Mankind has always had a need to express themselves.  In this age, blessed with simple and technological wonders, I find myself using tools that would be deemed as ‘witchcraft’ in bygone ages.

Getting thoughts out of my head and on to some sort of medium is always a challenge, I think faster than I can write.  My typing is just about able to keep up with the flow.

The tools I find essential on my creative journey are the following:  Uni-ball Signo Gelstick pens (blue), spiral bound (9″x6″) notebooks, 1 laptop/netbook (or both), my writing group (The Sarcastic Broads), my friends, MS Word, Google Docs, H4 pencils and a variety of colored mediums, a art journal, and a printer.

This is my basic list.  What are your favorite tool(s)?



  • I am a huge fan of magic markers. I use them to grade, draw, outline, and even write sometimes. It’s like paint that dries really fast! 🙂

    • I love my Sharpies. I can’t keep them at work, they have a bad tendency to disappear.

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