Santa is Real

Call me whimsical, but I’ve never had a problem with the existence of Santa Claus.  Or, the fact that Santa had a ton of ‘official’ helpers (my parents amongst them) to help him carry out his duties.

Santa is just the latest incarnation of a benevolent figure (1820’s for the North Pole version), who gave hope in seemingly bereft situation.  Saint Nicholas, Pere Noel, and Sinterklaas are just a few names that have touched lives through the centuries.  Santa Claus, in all his incarnations, was never about the presents.  Instead, he has always been about hope.

Belief is a powerful thing; it helps maintain hope, when times are bleak.  Belief also launches revolutions when change is needed.

I’m feeling nostalgic as we enter the consumer spending frenzy called the Holidays (God forbid we call it Christmas).  I remember gifts being items thoughtfully made, selected, or purchased.  I hate the fact that it’s turned into a list of the ‘gimmies‘.

Why am I addressing this in a writing blog?  Simple.  My belief in good will, peace and, yes, Santa are tools that help me become a better writer.  While some of my stories might be grim, others more uplifting, it is the belief that I have something to say that keeps me working at my craft.

Each story is a gift is an act of creation.  Every time I put myself out there, I hope I am making an impression.  My writing would be nothing without hope and belief.  Much like Santa, I’m not on this journey alone. I have helpers who give me hope and support along the way.

So, yes.  I believe in the purest form of Santa. With any luck, I can maintain that spirit of belief and hope all year long.



  • Love this post with its giving spirit, Robin

    • Thanks. Keeping the spirit alive keeps the creativity alive. 🙂

  • Yes, Santa in its purest form… 😉

  • This makes me think of the movie “Rare Exports.” How fun it would be if Santa actually was a living entity. Nevertheless – as you say – it is the never dying spirit of Santa that is important 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. I think, to a certain extent, belief makes him a living entity.

  • I believe in Santa, too. Christmas is all about believing in hope and taking it with us all year long. 🙂

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