I have a confession…

I love my Kindle.

My favorite accessory

Don’t get me wrong, I still buy as many hard copies as I do e-copies of books. But my Kindle is a full library that fits neatly in my purse, without the threat of late fines. 🙂

Last weekend, a terrible tragedy befell my adored Kindle.  The 32oz. bottle of water, in my purse. opened while I was at the movie theater watching the movie The Muppets (wonderful by the way).  Unleashing half its contents in my purse.  The liquid pooling in the bottom of my purse, soaking my Kindle.  I was annoyed, alright down right angry, about it.  I sat through the movie with a growing wet spot on the thighs of my jeans.  It’s a good thing the movie was thoroughly enjoyable.

Lessons learned?

  1. Water and Kindles do not mix.
  2. Sitting buried in a bag of rice can not save the Kindle.
  3. Water voids the 1 year warranty – BUT, they will replace the Kindle for $85.
  4. Keep my water bottle out of my purse.

Customer Service at Amazon were kind and wonderful, my new Kindle will arrive today. My only regret is that I’ll lose Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s autograph (I did have her sign my books), when I send the sadly departed Kindle back.

I’ll always be a reader in two worlds – e-copy and hard copy. As I continue my journey toward publication, I fulling intend on participating in both worlds.



  • Oh no! Sorry. I was so scared that would happen to me and have panicked every time I realised I have put my water in my bag with my kindle.

    • Thanks and welcome! I’m thinking of a neoprene sleeve for it now. Life is always a journey. 🙂 Thanks again for visiting.

  • Your poor Kindle! That is the one thing I fear, losing my digital treasures through some small stroke of bad luck, such as an ill-fated encounter with a water bottle. But even hard copy treasures are not entirely safe: I watched one of my Stephen King books sink into the briny depths near Bar Harbor when it fell out of my pocket as I was goofing on the rocks at Seawall as a kid! 🙂

    • I think Stephen King would have loved that description ‘sink into the briny depths…’. As a puppy, my beloved poochie loved all paper products. Books were a convenient nosh for him. That’s when I found the beauty of bitter apple. Seven years later, he guards the books not eats them.

  • “That lady doesn’t have her cap screwed on too tight, does she?”

    But: Awwww!! Poor Kindle. Thank goodness for Pedro the Prawn, Beaker, and company …

    • And, don’t forget Ralph, the dog or Animal.

  • I both enjoy reading e-books and hard copies too. At first it was hard to adapt to the fact that everything and even books is becoming virtual… but I finally got used to it 🙂 Can’t adapt, can’t survive…

    • Change can be scary, but ultimately good. 🙂

  • My heart would break, too. I love my Kindle . . . and I’m going to move it off my night stand and away from any and all glasses of water.

    I’m sorry yours met such a sad fate. 😦

    • The blessed warranty people at Amazon sent me the new one tout suite. I’ve finally got it back to it’s categorized glory.

  • I’m a writer of two worlds too…When I’m searching for a book to reread, I hate my kindle. I love leafing through pages to see what matches my mood.

    Categorized glory?! Impressive. I have only two folders for the stuff that doesn’t get deleted: Rereadable, Hard slogging.


    • I have everything sorted by genre with a ‘currently reading’ category to find things. I love your ‘hard slogging’ catagory, those end up donated to my mother. 🙂

  • Sorry to read about the loss… 😦

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