Today I received a spam comment that read ‘I find your post to be mediocre at best. Maybe you should not be writing.’

Never mind that it is reflecting my inner stress levels.  Who in their write minds sends out spam like that.  AND, why am I reading it?

Oh, I forgot, it was a spam-bot.  This is why our societies will be ruined by robots taking over our lives, as they mess with our psyches.



  • Now there’s an interesting marketing campaign! Did they do a study that said “trash people, and they will visit your site and buy things” ?! Keep at it – the writer’s block will pass!

    • Everything passes (eventually). 🙂 Thank you!

      • Kind of like the excrement it is. Holy … erm, cr*p – I’ve never seen spam like that. Hope I don’t! Eep.

  • OOh my, thats kind of hard to take, and especially for writers like me, who sometimes feel a little insecure about our creations..Damn spambots!! 🙂

    • Exactly! It did give me the ‘oh no it didn’t’ moment. AND made me want to kick behind.

  • That is bad spam. Like you said it is just spam. Look at how you took bad spam and made a cute blog. Cheers to you, the optimists! Keep blogging and ignore the bad comments, spam and thoughts. I’m enjoying your writings.

  • Dear Spam-Bot- I find your writing to be mediocre at best. Perhaps you should not be spamming. What a terrible comment to receive on your blog, even if it was un-informed and not in any way a reflection of you and your writing ability. You’ve gained a follower in me, I discovered your blog today and I really enjoy your writing! Grind that bot under your shoe until it is crushed into oblivion and keep writing! 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 The bots will be ground down and destroyed! Bwhahaha!

  • I got this one too. Lots of time! 😛

  • Tell me about it… I keep threatening to publish the spam I get then I reconsider… why give them more airtime. 😉

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