A Book by its Cover

In a telephone conversation with David Henry Sterry, author and half of the dynamic Book Doctors, he said, “You need to be thinking about a kick-ass book cover.”

This isn’t the first time in my publishing journey that I’ve heard this.

As a consumer/connoisseur of books, the cover is one of the things that entice me. I want it to hint at the story, while leaving a mystery.  If the cover has nothing to do with the story itself, I feel cheated.

I love what the people over at Storm Moon Press said about cover art:

The cover is the first thing that a potential reader sees. For those few patrons that wander through the bookstore simply to browse, cover art is your one chance to impress. You have a split second to make your book stand out from the others. If the cover is catchy, they might flip the book over to read your blurb. If the blurb intrigues them, then they might look inside to read a couple pages. The chain reaction relies on several elements, but it starts with cover art. Yes, there are amazing books that have horrible covers and horrible books that happen to have amazing covers, but having both is always the best option, right?

Over on Slushpile.net, they quote Hellen Rumbelow about how covers can affect sales.

“Take Georgette Heyer, the slightly frumpy historical novelist. When her publishers changed all her cover art last year, the classy new Jane Austen-ish look doubled her sales,”

I don’t know what my future cover art will end up being, but I definitely have some ideas.  After all, books ARE judged by their covers.



  • Great point you’ve got! It’s so true that if we find an attractive cover… 🙂 best to have best of both worlds of course! And what a coincidence: I was recently wandering about the cover of my future very first book…

  • We are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but we often do… A great cover makes a difference. I pray you find yours. Best wishes, 😉

    • Thanks! Having visions coincide is the hope. 🙂

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