#NaNoWriMo – Juggling Words, Work and Other Things

Alrighty my chickadees, I am ready to find a cave and crawl into it.  (Of course it will be a luxuriously appointed cave with all my favorite things, the dog and cat.)

I think juggling sharp objects would be easier than my life at the moment.  sigh

Photo: Jeffrey Stanton

Writing is putting along, work is driving me crazy (per usual), family is demanding I engage for the holidays (bah humbug), and I feel a cold coming on.

Honestly, I’ll be grateful to have a basic outline pounded out for NaNoWriMo.  My editing is progressing, and the family really isn’t that bad.  Everything comes in lumps.

To quote the great Edgar Allen Poe,

“I became insane, with long horrible intervals of sanity.”

Honestly? I just want a little more time in the day.  Just another hour, maybe two, where I can focus on my projects.  I’m still looking for a quantum physicist who can help me with my little time problem.  I’ll take referrals.

Since time travel and manipulations are currently off the table, I’ll just continue to juggle all the sharp, pointed objects on my plate.  Hopefully, the bloodshed will be at a minimum.

(I’ll provide a good Havarti for the next whine.)



  • If only we could just control time… have more time… time is so naughty! When we need it, it goes so fast, but when we’re fed up with it, it slows…

  • Time oh time… we could all use more of it. Stay strong! 🙂

    • Will do!

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