#NaNoWriMo – #Spoilers

I have so many secrets and plans in my head. When I’m asked about my stories and theories, I simply smile and channel my inner River Song (or Steven Moffat, if you will).  I gently shush my questioner, and with a sly smile I whisper, “Spoilers!”

I am much like the character River Song, I keep secrets.  I know so many things and must keep them close to the vest , in order to create the world I’m immersed in.

When a story is just formulating, I find it hard to share the dream.  When I have my plot points in place, I find talking it out to trusted friends helpful with timeline and progression.

When you ask me about my latest project, don’t hate me when I smile sweetly and whisper that wonderful word – ‘Spoilers‘.

Just know that eventually all will be revealed.


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