#NaNoWriMo – The Internet – Angel or Devil?

As far as I am concerned the Internet is ‘the Sword Damocles’ for writers. Research and wandering are so closely related, it’s easy to get lost in the vast world that is the internet.

On one hand, having a research tool at my fingertips is wonderful.  On the other hand, it is so easy to fall down the rabbit hole chasing tangents and whispers.

During this month I’m doing my best to limit my internet wandering.  I still need it for research and reaching out to my comrades in writing madness, I just have to work on my focus.




  • I wish I wasn’t such an internet wanderer. I truly have the attention span of a gnat and I have to work really hard to keep myself focused when I write. To keep myself in line, I often reward myself with a cookie (or other yummy snack) if I can stay off the internet (except for research purposes), during a writing session. Sometimes a cookie is enough of a motivator and sadly sometimes it’s not. 😉

    • Some days, the lure is too enticing. But I find the most interesting things out in the WWW Wilds. 🙂

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