Make ’em Laugh!

For those who know me personally, I have a sense of humor.  Depending on the point of view, it is seen as quirky, obnoxious, dry, or bawdy.  The world is a truly sad place without humor.

Humor is an integral part of my writing.  Humor and drama have always gone hand in hand. Mixed? It is a powerful medium to get the message out there.

To quote the great Donald O’Connor – Make ’em Laugh!

Humor gets people through the darkest times, it should be reflected in our characters.  Having a character use humor makes them more relatable.  It brings an explanation point to the drama.  Why do you think the most memorable scary movies and stories all have a touch of humor? It makes the screams so much more satisfying.

I’m not saying that all characters are funny. But, the reality is that all characters have ‘WTF’ moments.  Use those moments to make your story better.



  • I agree with that point. Humor is very important although I think writers often avoid humor because they don’t want to come across as lame or bad at jokes. If executed properly it definitely takes the novel to a whole new level and provides the characters with layers of depth. Life isn’t always depressing, life does have moments of humor even if they are dark ones.

    – Ermisenda


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