The Sad Case of the ‘I Wants!’

There are days when I have no patience and I WANT IT NOW!!!!

Much like the demanding Veruca Salt, from  ‘Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory‘, I look at everything I want and passionately crave it!

(No snickering in the peanut gallery!)

How do I cure an annoying case of the ‘I WANTS’?  With a kick in the mental pants.

The reality is, I’m plotting and planning.  The ‘I WANTS’ are a symptom of my over all plan of world publishing domination.  BWHAHAHAHA!

(yes, you can laugh now)



  • Lol! 😀

    I may have to steal that cat. My students very often need to be reminded they have a nasty case of the “I wants.”

    • is one of my favorite LOL sites. Who can be annoyed by dogs and cats?

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