My Reality Check…

Here is what my docket looks like for the next 2 1/2 months:

  1. Finish revising my query letter and tweaking my manuscript according to the feedback I received at the 2011 James River Writers Conference.
  2. Turn an unmentionable age.
  3. Turn NaNoWriMo to my advantage – I have my current and another project that I want to bang out the first draft on.
  4. Submit 2 short stories to magazines I’ve targeted.
  5. Survive the family and Thanksgiving.
  6. Not neglect my amazing dog – Quizz.
  7. Make it through December without landing in jail.
  8. AND, go to work every day.

Have you started to doubt my sanity?  I have.

Here is my truth.  I love writing.  At this point in my life, I can make it a priority.  I have found that the key to making it through to January is organization.  Even if that means ‘scheduling’ down time, writing time and dog time to keep the bus rolling forward.

Some may say, ‘My MUSE will not be scheduled!’  I say to those people, you Muse appreciates a schedule.  Writing when you are stressed to the gills, stealing time right and left, will only leave you dissatisfied and depressed. Introduce structure – it is your friend!

So, what are YOUR plans for the next couple of months?  Inquiring minds want to know!



  • Muses need schedules. Otherwise they become prima donna spoiled brats and lazy to boot. 🙂

    I will be:

    Banging out a comprehensive revision of my third novel (140K target)
    Racing through a set of comprehensive edits on someone else’s novel (due in under two weeks)
    Attending Darkover Con over Thanksgiving weekend (and running a sales table there, too)
    Flying down to Florida at some point to visit with family
    Spending time with local family and friends
    Trying to lose another ten pounds (not much hope, but it’s always a goal)
    Working on one other non paying and hopefully one paying editing gig
    Drinking lots of coffee
    And enjoying the fact that this is a light schedule for me! 🙂

    • I see that your muse and my muse come from the same stock! 🙂

  • My muse has to make way for:

    Building my internet presence
    Keeping up with authonomy
    Son’s 40th
    Building my internet presence
    Driving readers to novel on authonomy
    Middle daughter’s birthday
    Having an internet presence to build
    Shamelessly plugging novel on authonomy
    Eldest daughter’s birthday
    Cooking for Christmas
    Shopping for Christmas

    It’s screaming already…

    • Yet, some how we get it all done! 🙂

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  • Good luck with your list! 🙂

    My list:
    Finish writing a one-page synopsis for my novel.
    Query 2 agencies
    Finish and submit a short story I’ve been working on


    • Good luck to you and you list too!

    • Writing the synopsis is as difficult as writing the actual manuscript! I’m sending good writing vibes your way!

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