The act of creating a concept for a story and executing it, tends to be a solitary one. We, the authors, are inundated by people who want us to think that we should languish in a cold, barren garret.  Our fingers shriveled from the cold. Suffering for our art.


Let’s get real.  Most writers that I know (myself included) live very full lives, especially prior to publication. We have jobs, families, friends, hobbies and more going on at any particular time.  We carve out time in our lives to honor our muse.  That time is precious and freeing.  Then, if we are lucky, we surround our selves with people we can trust and create a community.

Writers who collaborate, communicate and form a community are often more fulfilled and satisfied with their creative effort.  Whether it be writers groups (go the Sarcastic Broad Club) or fellow bloggers with the passion to write, the community that is created helps refine and polish your vision.

Being able to collaborate is a skill that will be invaluable as your projects move forward into the publishing industry.  Agents, Editors and Publishers have no time for people who can’t and won’t be open to making their vision the best that can be.  I’m not saying that you compromise your story, but the professionals do know a thing or two about the world you are now in.

In the end, writing is what gives us a clarity and a vision.  We don’t have to do this alone nor ‘suffer’ for our art.  I have surrounded myself with amazing writers forming my own community.  Between my writers group and my on-line and off-line friends, I couldn’t be more blessed.



  • Well said. And, yes, you are blessed to have a community of writers. It’s a cold, cold (writing) world without them.

    Thanks again for yet another go-getter, inspiring post! You have a beautiful spirit.

  • For a long time, I viewed writing as a very solitary pursuit. Once I got entrenched in writing a full-scale novel, I realized the alone thing was not working! I joined a writer’s group and started looking for forums online as a way to connect to people for inspiration, support, and motivation. I can honestly say my writing and my confidence have both improved greatly since becoming involved in the community of writers. 🙂

    Great post!

  • Thanks to both of you! With out my community, I’d be deaf and mute. (who else is going to call me on my over abundance of punctuation! 🙂 )

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