Spamming Inspiration

Spam is the bane of our existence.  We get it in email, on our blogs and on our telephones.  It’s become ubiquitous – how sad is that.

Yep, spam is a time waster.  I know that I’ve been using good tags and categories on my blog posts when I get a ton of spam.

Being the techno-geek that I am, I always give it a glance to make sure that I’m not missing anyone.  I am amused by the sheer variety of the spammers.  To date, I’ve received the following:

  1. ‘clara’ from Aluminum Pressure Cookers – thought my blog ‘a perfect post about cooking’.  NaNoWriMo is NOT an amuse bouche.
  2. ‘s0fsrhe’ from Hot Gaming Chix – LOVED my post on Pitchapolooza.  They have lots of hot chix to be pitched – really?
  3. ‘Ivan’ from the Russian Gaming Network – My post on Method to myMadness was catnip to gamblers.
  4. ‘2csfkje’ from Male Enhancements – is absolutely positively in love with my over all writing.  Their product can ‘enhance’ anything.
  5. ‘ruby’ from Vacations Galore – Is sure that I will get where I’m going.

I love knowing that I have readers, I love the comments and interaction. I’ve found great new blog friends and hope to continue growing my community.

I choose to be amused by the spam. Maybe I’ll come up with a ‘hot gambling chix that loves to cook with aluminum pressure cookers‘ character.




  • Lol great post! Spam… yeah they can be amusing to read… but when you have more than 300 spams… well DELETE ALL 😛

    • Absolutely! We have no need of that much inspiration. hee

  • Lol! I was just having a similar conversation with myself this morning. Today, I got spam from video game developers, a website dedicated to online gambling, and handbag rental company. I’m sure they were all very interested in my Wreck This Journal posts. Ha!

    • I love the variety! 🙂

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