The Girl Effect Blogging Event

The thing about blogging is there are very few borders.  Messages can be seen from the far away and close by.  Some new friends from down under, Ermisenda & Eliabeth, invited me to view and participate in ‘The Girl Effect‘ awareness event.

All children are precious. Girls, in particular, who live in poverty or under-developed countries have a difficult time of it.

This awareness event is running October 4-11.  Please take the time to visit The Girl Effect, see what their message is.  Donate or spread the message that Girls are an important part of our future.

Help make a difference!  Cross post this message, go out and donate.

Let’s make the future a little brighter.



  • Thank you for the pingback and for joining in. It is so true about borders. I love the internet for that reason, our ability to share and communicate with people we would never meet otherwise.

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