Methods of Madness

Writing is a form of madness. Honestly, no matter how you cut it there is a certain amount of crazy that has to happen in the writing process.  Every process has the same end goal – get the story out of your head.

Everything starts with an idea.  The idea may take awhile to mature into a full story, or might languish the ‘idea box’.  The idea equals a spark.

I have some friends that storyboard their ideas or, there is me, I fly by the seat of my pants until I have a working concept.  Sometimes my concept has to marinate in the stew that is my mind.  Other times, it’s gangbusters from the first word.

I jokingly say, “I write to keep the voices in my head quiet.”  Honestly, that isn’t far from the truth.  I have embraced my inner crazy and made productive use of it.

That being said, you have to write.  Whether the voices tell you to or not.



  • The voices aren’t really giving me much of a choice! 😉

  • I know what you mean!

  • Great post, and hurray for embracing our inner craziness! It makes for richer, more interesting characters and stories, too…

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