Panic in the Brain Space

I’m a techno geek. I have no problem admitting that.  However, I have a confession to make.

I broke a cardinal computer rule – I didn’t back up my thumb drive to my main computer.  

This morning I panicked because I couldn’t find it.  I have my life’s projects on there.  After tearing my desk, car, and purse together – I found it.  Not before having a small anxiety attack (okay, really it was a humongous one).

I don’t always have internet access with my net book, that is why I carry my flash drive.  What will I remember to do?

Back up my files!  And remember to put the stupid thing in the correct place.



  • Don’t worry that is a mistake you usually only make ONCE 🙂

    • Exactly! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Oh no!

    My mom and I have a rule when we write together – Someone has to ask “Have you saved” at least every 15 minutes. It’s saved us both a lot of grief.

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