23 Days and Counting!

What am I counting down to?  

The James River Writers annual conference!

I know, I know, you might think I’m shilling.  Here’s the thing – I AM!

This organization is fabulous.  I’ve been attending the conferences since 2005.  I’ve never come away thinking I’ve wasted my money.

Aside from serious discussions regarding the method and madness of the art of writing, there is be unprecedented access to authors, agents and editors. This year will be no exception to the quality of the production.

Here is a peek at the attending authors:

robert goolrickRobert Goolrick, from the New York Times bestselling A Reliable Wife

“Men only give you what they give you,
Catherine thought, staring out at the
endless and uncontrollable snow,
when they know they can’t give you what you want.”


Kitty KelleyKitty Kelley, internationally acclaimed writer, whose last five books, including Oprah: A Biography, have gone on to be number one on the New York Times bestseller list.

“I write about people who are very powerful when they’re alive. It’s all documented. It’s all solid stuff.”



tayari jonesTayari Jones, winner of the Hurston-Wright Legacy Award for Debut Fiction, on Leaving Atlanta

“It is a love letter to my generation and also an effort to remember my own childhood. To remind myself and my readers what it was like to have been eleven and at the mercy of the world.


tayari jonesKarl Marlanteswinner of the William E. Colby Award for the New York Times bestselling Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War

“I wanted to be understood. Ultimately, the only way we’re ever going to bridge the chasms that divide us is by transcending our limited viewpoints.”



kathi appeltKathi Appelt, winner of the Newbery Honor Award for The Underneath

“Where the heart cracks open is where our deepest longings lie, and that is what Story is all about.”



John CaseyJohn Casey, winner of the National Book Award for Spartina

“I write very slowly, and I have to have a goal. Sometimes it’s very hard to get there, and when I do, it’s sort of like a hoop you burst through.” 

I have met lifelong friends, amazing talent, and become a better writer – all in two days.

Come be enriched and enlived, there are still slots available.

I am L.S. Gaskin, a proud member of the James River Writers and a writer.


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