The Blog/Writer Connection

For me, blogging is a natural extension of my writing.  Blogging isn’t about just emptying my head of distractions, rather it allows me to focus my message.  Forcing me to be concise.

A recent conversation with my mother made me think about the ‘tao’ of my writing. She accused all writers of the desire to be famous.  sigh.

I have a desire to be recognized for my thoughts and creative endeavors.  The sheer act of putting something in writing and sending it out to the universe is an act of bravery.  Some people never have the guts to make a commitment.

Blogging is simply another manifestation of the writing process.  It has become evident that an author can not be quiescent in the image they present to the world.  Even prior to being published, having a presence on-line is a good thing. Do you have to share your soul – no.  Having a focused view point is a good thing.

TMI? Not so much.

My ‘tao’ is simple when it comes to writing and blogging.  I state my truth.  Whether it be in the blog, where I can explore so many topics. My writing projects share a truth with the world that are defined by the civilization or constructs I have created – but my truth is woven into the story.

I believe that the act of putting word to screen/paper is powerful.  Whether it be a blog or a piece of creative writing, we have seen the power of the word through the centuries.

I’d be arrogant to think my writing might stand the test of time and have my words studied for years to come.

I am saying that I have something worth saying.



  • I’m on your side about the not wanting to be famous. Recognition is what I want most of all.

    • Thanks for stopping by. For me it’s all about telling the story.

      • If I just wanted to tell stories, I’d make some up for my kids that I never write down, or just put them in a journal and never show anyone a word. The fact I go out and try to get them accepted by others is proof I’m out for more. Those that are willing to do it for free and with purer motives, are braver than me.

        • I see you POV. I think that it is a combination of the act of creativity and wanting more that can set you up for success. I do know that if we do the ‘crime’ (ha!), we’ll get to the goal we are aiming for. I do know people who just write for the pleasure. But I do want more.

  • You absolutely do. 🙂

    I’ve always believed the best writers are those that write for the sheer love of the craft. There is something innate within the soul that needs to find the right words or tell a story. Fame and fortune may find some, but most of us are more than wiling to write for free. 🙂

    • Exactly!

  • I have to agree, the best are writing for the love of the craft. Not so much for fame and fortune, but for development. I want to improve over the years I have left, if in doing that i can get a pat on the back from someone who enjoyed what i have written, then all the better. 🙂

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