Oh, the Tangled Webs We Weave

This morning I woke up and had Seanan McGuire‘s “One Salt Sea” waiting for me on my Kindle.  My fingers itched with anticipation to turn on my trusty Kindle and start reading.  Unfortunately, mornings are generally not kind.  I had to walk the beloved poochie, make lunch and beat morning rush hour.

Finally on my lunch hour, I was able to continue the tale of October Daye.

I won’t give away spoilers, but I am currently furtively reading beyond my lunch hour waiting for the clock to strike ‘time to go home’.

I have not been disappointed in the continued adventures of Toby and crew.  Seanan has created a world that is the essence of ‘Urban Fanstasy‘.  She has a firm grasp on political intrigue and world building.

All I can say is, I hope to be the story teller Seanan McGuire is when I grow up.

Excuse me, I must continue to read.

UPDATE:  Finished! I promised before no spoilers and I will keep my word.  Seanan McGuire did a fabulous job with this book.  I’ve loved the October Daye books from the beginning and this one is no exception.



  • Oh I’ll have to pick that book up next. As an aspiring urban fantasy authors, my coauthor and I are trying to balance the fantasy world with the real world without forgetting about one or the other. Thanks for sharing.

  • Seanan is definitely one of my heroes.

  • Pierce Anthony, Mercedes Lackey, Gail Carson Levine, Janet Evanovich, Terry Brooks, and Robert Asprin are at the top of my hero list at the moment 🙂

    Thanks for subscribing to our blog. We’ve got two book reviews posting in the next two days.

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