A Night with Sherrilyn Kenyon

Last night I got my inner geek on.  I went to a book signing for Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s new release ‘Retribution‘  – the latest in her wildly successful Dark Hunters series.

I made sure to get there early to get my seat, I didn’t really need to do that since I held #6.  They were assigning seats to those who had come the night before to ensure their place in line for the signing.

She arrived in a tour bus wrapped in ‘Retribution’ colors with the book emblazoned on the side and her name in two feet high lettering.  She was accompanied by her friend and co-author on the Belador series – Dianna Love.  They walked in and the madness began.

First impressions – a red-headed firecracker with a Southern accent.  Unafraid of ballsy storytelling, especially about her family (growing up the only girl with 8 brothers, might have had an influence on that).  Smart, Witty, and Confident are the words that come to mind.   And she loves her fans.  Even the ones who come dressed as characters – there was one Artemis and one Simi.


We had a great 45 minute Q&A.  My question was ‘what inspired the Dark Hunter series?’  She was working for the scifi magazine “The Cutting Edge of Scifi”.  Long story short, her editor asked her to write a series to help boost circulation AND keep her job.  She asked if writing a vampire series would be acceptable.  His response?  ‘I don’t know would it?’  (Sarcasm is a tool liberally applied in her life)  And the series was germinated.

A little blurry. In my defense, she's an animated speaker.

Many great questions where asked. My favorites were, ‘How do you name your characters?’ – They name them selves.  ‘When the characters start doing things she as an author doesn’t like, what does she do?’ – Kill them off.

Advice to writers?  Write all the time and READ.  You only get better when you have an expanded mind and are practicing your craft.  (She told me her agent passed on her Dark Hunter series first.  Then she resubmitted and was accepted. There is hope.)

Her favorite answer to ‘When will we get a book on XXXXX character?’ – If I don’t kill them off, they will get a book.

My favorite part was getting to spend some time with her as she signed my copy of ‘Retribution’, my Kindle and my Kindle cover. (yes, I totally geeked out!)  I asked her about how she plots out her series.  Her answer was simple, ‘…I have the world basically plotted out, then sometimes a story comes along out of nowhere and I need to write it.’  In other words, she is scary organized.

Would I go to see her again? ABSOLUTELY!

Sherrilyn is as talented as she is generous.  I want to be like her when I grow-up.


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  • I really wish I could have been there!! Grrr. Thank you for an awesome recap and pictures. We must chat soon.

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